About Gib

My goal is to bring light to others and show that there is more going on out there than what they can see, feel or touch.  I am in constant amazement of the work I do through validations before, during and after readings.  I see the positive impact it has on others which is why I do the work.

I have always known I had a gift but a specific experience is what really pushed me to learn more.  A friend of mine passed away and soon after for whatever reason I decided that I wanted to talk to him.  As I lay on my bed I had a very surreal experience of my friend coming forward and speaking with me.  At the time the experience felt beyond my imagination.  Soon after I was at a mutual friends house bringing groceries to them after a surgery.  While I was there I felt the specific presence of my deceased friend.  That's when I head a voice clearly and loudly in my head say:

"Ask her she want's to talk to him.."

I sat in amazement dumbfounded by what had just happened.  I did not feel safe at the time to facilitate a conversation so I told my friend a few minutes later what had happened.  Her first reply was 'Why didn't you let me talk to him!?'.  That's when I knew I needed to explore this more.

Fast forward years later (and much study) under Austin Psychic Russel Forsyth, International Medium Lisa Williams and others I have conducted hundreds of Psychic Readings and Mediumship Sessions.  In addition I enjoy teaching others how to connect with their own innate gifts.  I believe we all have the gift of connecting with the spirit and the divine and I love to show others how to connect with that gift.

Quick note about me.....

~~I was born and raised in Texas but have also lived and worked in New York, Chicago and Santa Barbara.  I have resided in Austin, Texas for the last 20 years.  My other highest calling is being a father to my amazing son, Atlas.  What a job to experience fatherhood through my eyes and also through his.  I enjoy cooling off at Barton Springs and rock climbing in and around the Austin area. ~~